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Preparing For Your Portrait Session


Clothing Suggestions

For a timeless, classic portrait, simple outfits which are not distracting

photograph best. Avoid having any one person stand out of the group because he or

she is dressed in brighter or darker clothing than everyone else. Work for balance,

harmony and color coordination. Select clothing that is not easily dated, with long

sleeves and solid colors. In classical portraiture, the goal is to highlight the subject’s

face. Clothing and props should lead the viewer’s eyes to the subject’s face, not

fight for attention. Not only will the camera add weight to the subject, but light

colored clothing does as well. Choose darker solid colors.


Hair and makeup are two critical elements in any portrait, but especially

important in timeless portraiture. Wear your makeup as you would if you were

going out for a nice evening on the town. It’s not a time to try something new or

dramatic. Your hair style should be one that you are comfortable with and not

something new, just for the portrait.


Be sure to shave just prior to your portrait session. There is no way to hide

“five-o’clock-shadow” in your portrait.

Last but not least:

When you discuss the session with your children, please do not instruct them

to “smile” or “do exactly as Mr. Lynch tells you”. Simply let them know how

excited you are about the photography and leave the expressions to us.

If anyone in your family is worried about being photographed, or has a

particular problem or concern, be sure to let us know in private while we are

discussing clothing before the session. We have countless techniques and special

methods which can be used to minimize these issues. The secret to success is

communication. We are here to help and our only objective is to create a portrait

you will cherish for generations. 

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